Breakfast for Dinner…YUM!!!!

I love having breakfast for dinner!  It is one of my all time favorites.  I think it is because I love sweet breakfasts so it feels like dessert and dinner all mixed into one!  Today I tried Cinnamon Crepes from Shape Magazine (Nov. 2008).  This was a new breakfast item for me as I have never made crepes.  This recipe was very straightforward and easy to follow.  I didn’t use as much cinnamon as it called for and that was a mistake as it did not have as strong of a cinnamon taste as it should have.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to make these as the batter is supposed to sit in the frig for 45 minutes.  My 10 year old tried them and her response was “they aren’t great but they are edible”.  So there is the kids point of view.  I really enjoyed them and liked the cold frozen yogurt as a change.

My family spent this morning at Skytop Orchard in North Carolina picking apples and having fun!  Stay tuned later in the week for some sort of yummy apple dessert!

Happy Labor Day!



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